At S&Co. (IFSC) LLP, we are committed to providing unparalleled legal and business support to companies in GIFT City, India’s premier international financial services hub. Our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of experience and expertise, offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses operating in this dynamic environment.

GIFT City is designed to be a global financial and IT services hub, offering world-class infrastructure, regulatory advantages, and a conducive business environment. Whether you are a startup, an established enterprise, or a multinational corporation, navigating the complexities of setting up and running a business in GIFT City can be challenging. This is where S&Co. (IFSC) LLP comes in.

We understand that each business is unique, with its own set of challenges and goals. Our mission is to provide customized solutions that not only meet regulatory requirements but also align with your strategic objectives. From setting up your business to ensuring ongoing compliance, managing financial records, providing strategic tax advice, and offering robust legal support, we are your trusted partner every step of the way.

Explore our comprehensive suite of services designed to empower your business and drive success in GIFT City.

Setting Up Process

  • 01 Choosing the appropriate business structuret

    Selecting the appropriate business structure is crucial for establishing your presence in GIFT City. Whether it’s a company, partnership, or branch office.

  • 02 Identifying the appropriate Zone

    GIFT City is a meticulously planned development divided into three zones to cater to a variety of business needs i.e., Special Economic Zone (SEZ), International Financial Service Zone (IFSC) and Domestic Tariff Area (DTA). Choosing the appropriate zone depending on the primary activity of the business, target market and regulatory requirement is crucial for setting up operation in GIFT City.

  • 03 Filing of Application and Approval

    Filing of relevant application before the International Financial Services Centre Authority (IFSCA) for approval. Thereafter, representation of business proposal before the Unit Approval Committee (UAC) of IFSCA reviewing the application for approval of the application.

  • 04 Execution of Bond and Lease Deed

    Execution of Bond to be submitted before the IFSCA and execution of Lease Deed with the Co-developer to occupy the chosen office space within the GIFT City.

  • 05 Post Approval Compliance and Payment of Fees

    Upon approval undertaking of post approval compliances including payment of authorization and recurring fees, opening of bank account, and applying for business and ta registration.

  • 06 Starting of operations

    Obtain final IFSCA approval and start operations

  • Services in GIFT City

  • Setup Assistance

    Starting a business can be a complex and daunting task, but with our expert setup assistance, you can embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence. We provide end-to-end support to streamline the process and ensure you meet all regulatory requirements. Our services include:

    Company Registration and Incorporation: We assist in choosing the right business structure, filing necessary paperwork, and completing all formalities to get your company legally recognized.

    Licenses and Permits: Navigating the maze of licenses and permits can be challenging. We handle the entire process, ensuring you comply with all local regulations.

    Office Space Solutions: Whether you need a temporary workspace or a permanent office, we help you find the perfect location and negotiate lease terms.

    Banking and Financial Setup: We facilitate the opening of bank accounts, setting up payment gateways, and arranging financial services tailored to your business needs.

    Liaison Services: We act as a bridge between you and GIFT City authorities, ensuring smooth communication and quick resolution of any issues.

  • Regulatory and Tax Advisory

    Staying compliant with regulations and optimizing tax strategies is crucial for business success. Our regulatory and tax advisory services are designed to help you navigate complexities and maximize profitability. We offer:

    Regulatory Compliance: Expert guidance to ensure adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, minimizing risk and avoiding penalties.

    Tax Planning: Strategic tax planning to reduce liabilities and enhance savings, tailored to your specific business model.

    GST Services: Comprehensive support for GST registration, filing, and compliance, ensuring seamless operations.

    International Tax Advisory: Expert advice on cross-border transactions, transfer pricing, and global tax strategies.

    Audit and Dispute Resolution: Assistance with tax audits, handling queries from tax authorities, and resolving disputes effectively.

  • Legal and Transaction

    Legal challenges can arise at any stage of your business journey. Our seasoned legal team is here to provide robust support and protect your interests. Our legal and transaction services include:

    Corporate Legal Advisory: Comprehensive legal advice on corporate matters, ensuring your business operates within the legal framework.

    Contract Drafting and Review: Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts to safeguard your interests and foster strong business relationships.

    Mergers and Acquisitions: Expert support through every stage of M&A transactions, from due diligence to finalization, ensuring a smooth process.

    Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguard your innovations with our IP services, including trademark registration, patent filing, and IP litigation.