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What is GIFT City?

State of the art Infrastructure

GIFT City provides a comprehensive infrastructure that fosters innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth.

Ease of doing business

GIFT City's streamlined regulatory environment, world-class infrastructure, conducive environment, and ease of doing business position GIFT City to become a Global IT and Financial Hub.

Ideal Location

GIFT City’s strategic positioning i.e., unparalleled connectivity and access to domestic and international markets, proximity to major airports, seaports, and highways. fosters a synergistic environment where GIFT City acts as the economic engine, leveraging the strengths of its neighbours.

Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, commonly abbreviated as GIFT City, is an integrated development project situated on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. GIFT City, is India's pioneering greenfield smart city dedicated to the financial services sector, designed to attract both domestic and international investment. GIFT City offers ease of doing business, streamlined regulations, tax concessions, and world-class infrastructure, fostering an environment conducive to growth. This strategic initiative aims to propel GIFT City to the forefront of the global financial landscape.

GIFT City ideally situated on the banks of the Sabarmati River, serves as the central hub within a strategic 'tri-city' approach, wherein GIFT City enjoys proximity to Ahmedabad's rich historical heritage and Gandhinagar's role as the state's political and policy center. GIFT City’s strategic positioning fosters a synergistic environment where GIFT City acts as the economic engine, leveraging the strengths of its neighbors.

Key Benefits

Tax Exemption

GIFT City offers 100% income tax exemption for 10 years out of 15 years. IFSC Unit has the flexibility to select any 10 consecutive years out of a 15-year block.

GST Exemption

No GST on services received by units in IFSC or provided to IFSC / SEZ units, offshore clients.

Gujarat IT/ITES Policy benefit

Under Gujarat IT/ITES Policy offers CAPEX support up to INR 50 Cr, OPEX support up to INR 20 Cr per year and up to 100% reimbursement of employer’s contribution of EPF.

Concession in MAT/AMT

Minimum Alternate Tax/Alternate Minimum Tax at 9% of book profits is applicable on companies set up as a unit in IFSC.

Currency Control Exemption

GIFT City exempts IFSC units from currency controls, treating them as non-residents under both the SEZ Act and FEMA, 2002.

Interest Income Exemption

Interest income paid to non-residents on money lent to IFSC units is not taxable, making it significantly attractive to investors.

Permissible Sectors

  • Fund Management

    This sector includes Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), Angel Funds, Family Investment Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs), and Mutual Funds operating in the GIFT IFSC.

  • Finance Company

    Finance companies engage in core activities such as lending and factoring. They do not accept deposits from the public and are not registered as banking units in the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC).

  • Capital Markets

    Capital market intermediaries include broker-dealers, clearing members, depository participants, investment bankers, portfolio managers, investment advisers, custodians, credit rating agencies, debenture trustees, qualified jewelers, and account aggregators.

  • Bullion

    Bullion refers to precious metals like gold, silver, or other valuable metals. It includes activities such as trading in bullion spot delivery contracts and issuing bullion depository receipts.

  • FinTech

    The framework encompasses FinTech and TechFin companies that serve clients in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sectors.

  • Insurance

    This segment covers Indian and foreign entities in the insurance sector, such as insurers, Managing General Agents, Lloyd’s, and intermediaries like brokers and loss assessors.

  • Global Centres

    Global In-House Centres (GICs) provide support services to entities within their financial services groups, including banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs), and financial intermediaries.

  • Banking

    Banks can establish International Banking Units (IBUs) with a license from the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA), offering an onshore solution for cross-border financial service transactions.

  • Ship Leasing

    Ship leasing involves operating leases or hybrids of operating and financial leases for ships, ocean vessels, engines, or other parts of ships or ocean vessels as financial products.

  • Universities

    International branch campuses and offshore education centers operate within the GIFT IFSC.

  • Aircraft Leasing

    Aircraft leasing includes financing and leasing of aircraft, covering both operating and finance leases.

  • Ancillary Services

    These service providers offer legal, compliance, management consulting, administration, asset management support services, and trusteeship services.

  • Our Services

    Setup Assistance

    We provide comprehensive assistance in company registration, obtaining necessary licenses, securing office space, setting up banking services, and acting as a liaison with GIFT City authorities.

    Accounting and Secretarial

    No GST on services received by units in IFSC or provided to IFSC / SEZ units, offshore clients.

    Regulatory and Tax Advisory

    We offer expert guidance on regulatory compliance, strategic tax planning, GST services, international tax issues, and resolving tax disputes effectively.

    Legal and Transaction

    Our legal team provides corporate legal advisory, contract drafting and review, support for mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property protection including trademark and patent services.

    Meet The Team

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Choose GIFT IFSC?

    GIFT IFSC offers numerous benefits to the entities setting up operation in GIFT City such as, state of the art infrastructure, fiscal incentives in the form of tax exemption and concession, international dispute resolution mechanism through Singapore International Arbitration Centre, robust regulatory and legal environment, integrated ecosystem, and in line with global best practices.

  • What are the Fiscal incentives offered in GIFT IFSC?

    Entities enjoy several fiscal incentives including, tax holiday for 10 consecutive years out of block of 15 years in respect of income from business carried on in IFSC, exemption from tax on capital gains on Specified securities listed on IFSC exchanges by a non-resident or category III AIF located in IFSC, exemption for GST on services (a) received by unit in IFSC; and (b) provided to IFSC/ SEZ units or Offshore clients, and exemption from tax on Security Transaction Tax (STT), Commodity Transaction Tax (CTT), and Stamp Duty in respect of transactions carried out on IFSC exchanges

  • What is the typical time frame for establishing operation in GIFT IFSC?

    The application process for setting up a business in GIFT IFSC can be streamlined by applying concurrently to both the SEZ authority and IFSCA. Under this approach, obtaining the necessary licenses can be achieved within a timeframe of 30-45 days, subject to complete applications and fulfilling all regulatory requirements.

  • What is the quality of life offered by GIFT City?

    GIFT City is designed to foster a high quality of life. Envisioned as a walkable urban environment, it integrates various amenities within its 886-acre development plan. This includes a designated mix of commercial space (67%), residential areas (22%), and social spaces (11%). Residents and professionals will have access to ultra-modern office spaces, residential apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, a business club, and a variety of recreational facilities.

    This focus on integrated infrastructure creates a convenient and enriching environment where work and leisure seamlessly blend. The social infrastructure boasts an international school, medical facilities with a proposed hospital, an international exhibition complex, a business club with extensive sports facilities, recreational areas, and a diverse range of restaurants. Accommodation options range from five-star hotels to well-planned residential projects, catering to a variety of needs and preferences.