Deo Prakash Sharma

Deo Prakash Sharma Contact Info :G-107, Himalaya House
23 Kasturba Ghandi Marg,
New Delhi- 110 001
Phone Number: +91-11-2331-8300
Fax Number: +91-11-2373-1400
Partner, Singhania & Co. LLP
Deo Prakash is a member Singhania & Co in Delhi since 2002 and is has been enrolled as an as an advocate since 1992.
Whilst working as an associate for Singhania & Co Deo Prakash supervised and managed litigation groups, conducted trial in High Court and Trial Court.
As a partner he has appeared in the Supreme Court, commercial arbitration as well as giving legal assistance to various Corporate clients.

Education Education :

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of law

Education Languages :

English and Hindi
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