Bhupendra Vyas

Bhupendra Vyas Contact info: 1 QUEEN ANNE'S GATE
Phone Number: 0044 20 7799 1688
Fax Number: 0044 20 7799 1687
Sr. Solicitor , Singhania & Co. LLP
Bhupendra K Vyas who is a dedicated member of the Legal team in this firm, is a Solicitor of the Supreme court and joined the Sighania and co in their London offices as a Director in 2002 and remained in that position until 2006 when he became a Consultant to the firm
Prior to joining the Sighania and Co. Bhupendra was a freelance consultant solicitor to the various Local governments in England and also to the Central government .
Formerly being a Senior Executive in the Treasury Solicitors offices in London he has thorough understanding and knowledge of the various public sector bodies and their functions and he has advised such clients on formulation of policies and objectives, whether Administrative or Legal with specific emphasis on their special requirements
Bhupendra is also an Advocate of the Gujarat High court India and he is also an International Associate of American Bar Association .
Bhupendra's Legal expertise is in various discipline but he enjoys the challenges in the field of Property Law , commercial law , Environment and Planning Law , Energy Law ( with specific emphasis on green energy)
His has advised many corporate and public sector clients on complex and specialist projects including private public partnership projects
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