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Anti Dumping Laws

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Anti dumping duty is a measure to correct the situation arising out of the dumping of goods and its distorting effect on domestic producers of similar goods. Rapid industrialization has resulted in large-scale production and in this situation dumping enables the producer to establish a dominant position in the market. This is common in international commercial practice for export prices to be lower than the domestic ones so there is, as such, nothing inherently immoral about the practice of dumping. However, when dumping causes or threatens to cause, material injury to the domestic industry it is viewed gravely.

We provide valuable and extensive advice to our clients in the area of Anti dumping laws and notifications, Anti-circumvention laws. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who can help you in solving all types of anti dumping issues and cases. We also provide legal advice and prepare legal documentation for our clients in the area of International Trade and Customs laws.
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