Global Law Firm - Singhania & Co. LLP

We are global law firm in India. We believe that today in context of the ever changing economies of the world legal profession has to play a positive, valuable and a constructive role. The challenges being faced by the business houses today specially those who are dealing in cross border transactions have to be addressed by a transnational law practitioner. Today there are more lawyers engaged in International Business and finance procedures than ever before. A cross border business transactions demand for specialized services to address the International Business Issues. Read more

Areas of Practice

Singhania & Co.'s areas of practice include corporate laws relevant to: technology transfers, joint ventures, foreign collaborations, licensing liquor licensing, ... Read more

Our Law Firm Team

We are top law firms in India, Besides a vibrant and enthusiastic team of young professionals, with good academic and practice background, our team of professionals comprises of persons with diverse and rich experience like former Judges of the Supreme Court of India, former Chief Justice and Judges of the State High Courts, former Judge Advocate General, heads of legal departments of large corporations and leading lawyers, who have been nationally and internationally recognized and honored for their outstanding services in various fields of law... Read more